joebanks (joebanks) wrote in genealogy,

Hello genealogy (anyone still out there?) I've taken a couple year break from research and trying to organize my family tree. I had downloaded Myheritage's free software and had filled in the blanks there but I'd kept it on my computer and not backed it up and, of course, my computer crashed. Now I have to start again, what does anyone like these days as far as free programs? I don't need anything flashy just ease of use and safe.

Also I have gotten help from distant family members that I never met but had done good research on their branches of the tree and they freely shared with me. What is the protocol if I make my family tree public? Do I include other people's research on my tree or just put my own work up and keep the extended work of others to myself? I would like to share but wouldn't want to take other credit for someone else's hard work.

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