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Some (23&Me) DNA Humor

(I will edit in the video in a bit in the hopes of getting around the "getting stuck in the queue" thing when it comes to links, but if that doesn't work, I'll stick it into the comments and unscreen myself) Yay, it worked.

This is in Norwegian (it's from a comedy talk/sketch show), but there are English subtitles available.  Click on the CC (closed captioning) button if the English subtitles don't automatically come up (ETA: The CC button doesn't show up on the embedded video until you start playing it.).  It looks like Youtube has added the ability to have those captions translated as well, so if you wanted, say, German or Spanish subs, you could do that too.  They just might be very a crappy translation, though.

To give some background:  the blonde guy behind the desk (Bard) and the dark haired guy sitting on the right in the office-style chair (Vegard) are brothers (full biological ones, I believe).  The blonde-haired guy on the left (Calle) is unrelated to the other two, AFAIK.

Although when I was looking for this video again to get all the stuff for this post, I came across a few recent ones that said that the FDA has told 23&Me to stop doing health-related DNA tests (I don't know if that's true or not), so this may be something that you can no longer recreate with your brothers/sisters/friends for fun and in the spirit of potentially one upping each other, if you were just dying to do so.  (ETA:  According to actionhero, you can still do this, but you'd have to upload your raw DNA data to for $5 to get the health info.)
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