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Horrible Death

KYVR_7017497-2857Hey all. I am hoping to get some help, if it's possible. Being unable to travel at the moment (school is back in session), I've found myself hitting a sort of brick wall with an event that happened in Boyd county, Kentucky on February 25, 1925. All I have is my 3xgreat uncle's death certificate to go by, and even that is difficult to read.

What I am able to make out is that his right arm was torn off by belt, a fracture to right..., and that he died 18 hours after the accident due to shock and hemorrhaging. I've looked on newspaper archives available online to try and locate an article about the accident, if there is one, but came up empty handed.

So questions: What is the full description of what happened to cause Benjamin's death? Where might be a good place to find out about what happened (travel works too, I just can't travel until spring break)? Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated!
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