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Dead Ends...

Feel like just throwing this out there and see if it triggers anything. One branch is just throwing me for a loop. Also has to do somewhat with the picture I posted a few weeks ago (well, the identified one at any rate).

Identified lady, Martha Holmes, married Anthony King b. 25 Feb 1786 in Rhode Island; d. 14 Feb 1851 in Grattan, Kent County, Michigan. They had George, Alzada, Alanson, Sally, Nancy, Malinda, Harriet, Roxana, and Franklin between 1810 and 1831. All kids except the last were born in Chenango County, New York (I suspect all in Norwich). There are two children I haven't identified. The family then moved to Sterling, Macomb, Michigan in 1830. Completely stuck in New York. There are a couple King families from Rhode Island that settled in Norwich, but they appear to be well documented which makes me wonder if my Anthony was a nephew or cousin that followed family over. So, there's that.

Martha and Anthony King's daughter, Sally, married a man called Andrew Davison. I'm stuck on Andrew, too.  He was born abt 1806 in Connecticut according to census records. Doesn't show up in the Barbour Collection, so I have no idea where.  I just noticed there was an Andrew and Sally Davison who were married in 1837 in Delaware County, Indiana. Andrew was granted land in Sterling, Macomb County, Michigan in 1833. Not sure why they would marry in Indiana, but there was one other Davison that married in 1836. Thought there may be a connection there. Maybe. Maybe not. Children names are: George, Nancy, William, James, Sarah, and Nellie.

For fun times, here are my 4th great grandparents, Andrew Davison and Sally King-Davison:


Yay for labeled photos!

Think this is also Andrew Davison—and his likeness in silhouette form (latter was labeled):


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