Lou (misscpants) wrote in genealogy,

No source family trees

Recently I've been contacted by a lady who claims her husband is related to my g g g grandmother. She was very excited to talk to me about her 'research' and the relatives she's found in America (We're in the UK).

She gave me access to her tree on Ancestry and she has little or no sources to back up her tree. I've tried my best to link her husband to my family but I can't do it, there are too many alternatives and blanks. I asked her if she has any documents but she doesn't buy certificates to back up her claims and relies on those 'shaky leaves'. Actually her family tree reads like a fantasy page not a family tree, with links on individual pages that have no basis on the person they are suppose to be related to.

Truthfully, I'm not sure how to say I can't link our families without documentation and I'm not spending money on non-direct family links. Fortunately I gave her my gmail and I don't read that (and I just found out she sent me spam mail - I shouldn't be surprise XD).

I've taken leaps of faith before, putting something down before getting documentation or finding documents to back up what I've found but I really can't put anything on if I'm not sure.

How are you on the no-proof - no-inclusion on a family tree and, if you use Ancestry - how much do you look at those shaky leaves?
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