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Hello genealogy, I get the feeling that I've found about all I'm going to find about my family history. That's the wrong attitude but, I haven't done that badly; maybe someday more records will become available or I'll get on a TV show and they will use their unlimited resources to find out what I haven't been able to! I look at my two file boxes and I see how unorganized I am and look that as my next challenge. At this time my children have little to no interest in this and maybe they never will. I'm hoping that someday someone will find my work relevant but it would be a lot easier if it was accessible and not a wild collection of manila folders.

How do I organize my stuff? Where do I put a copy from a city directory showing where my grand parent lived in 1896? Should every individual get a folder, should folders be organized by surname, something else than folders? - I'm really clueless on this.

Any help about what you do would be - helpful.

If I don't respond to anything, it may be because my computer is on it's last legs.

Thank you.
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