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new here and in need of help

Hi. I need help to find info on my great-great grandfather. I have his name and birth date but i am very very insecure about the birth place. According to a family member of mine he was born in Groß Legden in East Prussia but when i look it up online there's only a place called Groß Lengden and that's in Saxony. I am, to say it mildly, confused. The East Prussia-part I am pretty sure of, since i was told as a child that my great granddad was from Königsberg (He's not. He was born in Haderslev, Denmark. But i am guessing that whoever told me this as a child just got the generation wrong?).
How should i proceed from here? I am from Denmark and have no clue as to how the archive-stuff works in Germany. Are there online parish registrations in Germany? Or how does it work?

in Denmark you can look in online parish registrations up to 1960 so it's easy for me to find out stuff about my Danish ancestors but it seems that it will be harder to find stuff in Germany. I am sorry if this entry is a bit confusing... but i am confused myself. Lol

Btw. If anyone needs help to find ancestors in Denmark i'd be happy to see if i can help you out :)
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