Sister Immaculate Dagger of Passive Resistance (mazikeen) wrote in genealogy,
Sister Immaculate Dagger of Passive Resistance

I need help breaking through a wall

I need some help breaking through a wall in my research, perhaps someone can help me with ideas/suggestions/hints?

I am looking for any and all info on Abner Trimble, father of John A. Trimble. I know John A. was born 10 Oct 1819 in Franklin County, OH, and died 14 April 1893 in Mononoa County, IA.

From a census record, I found out that his father (Abner) was born in England, and his mother (Polly or Mary) was born in Germany. I got the parents' names as Abner Trimble and Polly Hawthorne from a brief bio of John A., which indicated that both parents died while he was an infant. I had previously found records indicating that Abner served in the War of 1812 with a company from Ohio (Capt Bartholomew Fryatt's company, 27 Apr - 30 June 1812). Recently, I managed to locate a marriage record from Franklin County, OH for Abner Trimble and Mary Maythorn, dated 12 April 1814.

And that's all I have - no birth, no death, no immigration, nada. I keep finding mention of an Abner Trimble who was buried in French Guinana or some such, but I have no reason to believe he ever left the USA once he arrived.

Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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