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Anyone here have any access to resources or tips on how to go about Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania and Orange County, New York?  The Orange County Genealogical Society is backlogged and expensive.  Being on the west coast, I just don't have the resources or time to go out there.  I'm pretty sure a one-way plane ticket was the cost of a few hours of research.  Other than a few run of the mill pages, I haven't been able to find a whole lot of resources for Susquehanna either.

I don't know if I've posted about this before, but I'm looking for Smiths—John Smiths galore and a William Smith. Think I might have, but it doesn't hurt to have another look, I suppose.

My 4th great grandma was Abigail (Smith) Little who married Levi Little.  Most of what I know comes straight off her headstone:

My theory is that her parents are John and Suzanah (went by Susan) Smith who married at the First Presbyterian Church at Goshen, New York on 7 Jul 1792.  Estimated John's dates to be b. abt 1770 and d. abt 1812 and Susan I believe is buried at the Community Cemetery in Monroe, Orange, New York (really hard to read from this photo, but it looks like it says wife of John Smith on there:

Any ideas? I know Smiths are not impossible——difficult, but not impossible! ;)

My William Smith was born about 1785 in Pennsylvania.  Know he was settled in Susquehanna for quite a while.  Have no other locations for him.  Married a Jennie or Jemima.  Guessing Jennie, since a bunch of the grandkids are named Jennie down the line.
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